"If Universe is the answer, what is the question?" About five years ago, scientists identified Higgs Boson – The God Particle, which is believed to permeate all of space-time and is at core of all matter in this space. Data lies at the core of every piece of information as well as knowledge that we leverage, on a daily basis, to take decisions in business and in life. Despite knowing the power of this data, businesses struggle to identify that which is ultimately useful. That is where iota Analytics (iota) comes in.

True to its name, iota strives to help businesses to identify that iota bit of truth in heaps of data. With our advanced capabilities in the field of research, analytics and machine learning, we enable businesses to take data-driven decisions. iota is backed by IDS Infotech Ltd which specialises in Data Management services, Business Process Management and Software Solutions, serving corporate and public clients for over 25 years.

Why the name iota?
iota (ίῶτα), the ninth letter in Greek alphabet has the value of 10. It signifies divine power, that invisible force of gravity, that force which directs plant growth upward, that magnetic pull of the moon which directs tides, and the magnetic force that directs the dial of the compass. For us, iota signifies that grain of truth, that God particle, that has the power to transform your business through the right decisions.

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  • Experienced data-analysts with strong problem solving skills
  • Real-time insights in desired format with 24x5 support
  • 25+ years of extensive industry experience in Data Management
  • Global engagement models that can be tailor-fit to suit client needs
  • Multi-lingual team - French, Arabic, Dutch, Russia, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Our Team

Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika has vast experience in Strategy & Operations, Technology Security and Risk Management, having worked with Big 4 companies. She has an MBA from INSEAD (France) and Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and honors in Mathematics from Penn State Univ.

Ishika Aggarwal
Imtiaz Ahmed

Imtiaz has 19+ years in the Software industry, across platforms, technologies - Microsoft, Java, PHP, Python, OpenERP/ODOO, Android, iOS, etc. He is certified in PMP (PMBOK 4), 6Sigma Green Belt and Scrum Fundamentals. He holds an MS in Software from BITS Pilani.

Mohammed Imtiaz Ahmed Noorullah
Ravikiran Reddy

Ravikiran is our in-house data scientist and machine learning expert. He has over 7 years experience in data mining, data management, classifying and predicting outcomes using regression techniques. His expertise lies in Python, R, ML algorithms such as Random Forest, Decision Tree, Naive Bayes, SVM to work on big data.

Ravikiran Reddy

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